Get involved

Newton's newest public park - the Upper Falls Greenway is now being built.  The Friends of the Greenway will be involved, on an ongoing basis over the coming years, in various efforts to improve our new park - plantings and landscaping, events, fund raising, special projects, etc.  The initial steps (removal of the rails and the stone dust path) are just the start.  If you like the idea of the Greenway, help us turn this mile long new parkland into something special. 

You won't be asked to do this.
We're past this point.  But there will be plenty of other ways to help.

How to participate:

We’ll send you occasional emails. We may ask for resource help; we may talk about the progress of the project. What you receive will be information.  You may unsubscribe at any time.
  • Personal Donation
We have just started a campaign to raise funds to help pay for plantings, benches, signs and other amenities over the next two years.  If you'd like to help, write a tax-deductible check payable to The Newton Conservators, write "Upper Falls Greenway" on the memo line, and mail to Jerry Reilly, 12 Spring St, Newton, MA 02464
Corporate donations have funded the informational kiosks, the extension of the bridge deck over the Charles River and benches for the Greenway. See if your company might be interested in being associated with the Upper Falls Greenway as a donor. 
  • Attend Greenway Planning Meetings
Regular planning meetings for volunteers working on our new park have started.  It's not too late for you to join. Subscribe to the email list; we'll let you know of upcoming meetings. Or contact us at Here's a list of the current Greenway Planning Committees and some of the committees possible tasks.

  1. Landscape Committee - work on plantings and vegetation, benches, kiosks, signs, etc
  2. Communications Committee - web site, Facebook, email
  3. Events - plan future events on the Greenway
  4. Building Bridges - work on future extensions and connections to the Greenway (e.g. Needham, Christina St, Winchester St)
  • Participate in NewtonServes, an annual event in May of each year.
  • Like our Facebook page and join in the discussions there.