Q: What if the MBTA wants to build a light-rail or bus line in the future?
A: The land will continue to be owned by the MBTA and the lease will allow them to re-purpose the right of way with sufficient notice.  The spur is privately owned.

Q: How much will the trail cost to develop?
A: Nearly all of the cost to remove the old rails, ties, switches, debris, and overgrowth and build a smooth, stone dust  surface will be paid for by the salvage value of the steel, as has been done in a number of other communities.  We are fundraising to add additional amenities (e.g. benches, kiosks and garden areas) to the trail. 

Metal Art? Not actually.  
These are just a few of the metal 
pieces pulled from the rail bed.

Q: I want to help.  What can I do?
A: We'd love your help – here are some ways to get involved.

Q: Will you be able to ride a bike on the trail?
 A: Yes. The compacted stone dust surface is suitable for bike riding.

Q: Is the trail handicapped accessible?
 A: Access to the Greenway at Needham Street spur, Oak Street and Easy St. will all be handicapped accessible. The main Greenway is flat and without barriers. 

Checkout our Facebook page, Friends of the Upper Falls Greenway, www.facebook.com/UpperFallsGreenway, for more information.