We’re incredibly grateful to our local businesses and residents for the financial and in-kind support they’ve shown to help make the Greenway possible. Without their donations, we would have an unmarked mile long strip with limited river viewing, no benches, and no information displays. We’re pleased to acknowledge the following gifts.

Northland Investment Corporation is a real estate investment company with a strong history of charitable giving to local organization.  It is located on Washington Street, in Newton. Northland has contributed three benches which will be installed on the Upper Falls Greenway.

Trip Advisor
, founded in 2000 and headquartered at 
141 Needham Street, Newton, MA,  has just sent in a donation to pay for the double-sided kiosks (“message centers”) that will be installed on the Greenway.  One will be placed near the Easy St. entrance, the other at Oak St.  The kiosks will have a map, historical information about the railroad, photographs, information about how to get involved, and an acknowledgement of the donors and workers who helped make it possible. 

From its start in 1825 in a small village called Street in England, 
 Clarks has grown into one of the world's largest shoe manufacturers. Their corporate office is at 156 Oak Street in Newton Upper Falls. Their donation to Iron Horse Preservation Society resulted in extending the bridge deck over the Charles to the full extent of the MBTA lease.  The railings, brackets and fencing have been installed.

Biltmore Bar and Grill, located on Chestnut Street, is a very local business for the Upper Falls Greenway.  The back portion of this restaurant abuts the greenway itself and the Biltmore has constructed planters along the side of the greenway to add to the landscaping.