About us

The Upper Falls Greenway is a project that was first envisioned by the Newton Bicycle/Pedestrian Task Force, an all volunteer group that advocates and advises the city of Newton on a wide variety of bicycle and pedestrian related topics.

Once the plan began to take shape they enlisted the help of Newton Upper Falls residents to begin spreading the word in the neighborhood, listen to the neighbors concerns and to gauge how much community support there was for the plan.

UpperFallsGreenway.org – is a loose confederation of the NBPTF and Upper Falls residents and other interested Newton citizens who are volunteering their time, in a variety of ways, to help get the Greenway built.

You can contact us via: info@UpperFallsGreenway.org

or via Jerry Reilly, 12 Spring St, Newton Upper Falls, 02464   – 617-999-5300

Checkout our Facebook page, Friends of the Upper Falls Greenway, www.facebook.com/UpperFallsGreenway, for more information.