Currently the park extends from approximately Easy St. at the north end (near National Lumber), across Oak St. near the Upper Falls Depot, and continuing down to the bridge crossing the Charles River. That bridge is closed and fenced off, and would remain so. In addition to the MBTA property, there is a privately owned connecting spur, starting at about the midpoint of the MBTA-owned line and running next to South Meadow Brook. This portion is being prepared by the contractor similarly to the main Greenway. 

For the near term future at the southwest end, we would add a stairway to connect to the existing Williams-Saco Streets Riverwalk at the river level. The Riverwalk is a city-owned park administered by the Newton 

Longer term, there is an additional section that crosses Needham St. and curves behind several industrial buildings owned by H.C. Starck, crosses Christina St., and then crosses the Charles River. Once on the Needham side of the river, the track meets the Charles River Pathway and many miles of interconnected trails - to Kendrick St, Nahanton Park, the Blue Heron Trail through Cutler Park and the boardwalk across the Great Plain Marsh, and the riverside trails on the opposite side of the river to Millennium Park. We hope at some point to link some or all of this to the Upper Falls Greenway but this is still under discussion.


We will work with Hubway (the Boston area bike rental group) to consider including the Newton Upper Falls Greenway in their plans.

Checkout our Facebook page, Friends of the Upper Falls Greenway, www.facebook.com/UpperFallsGreenway, for more information.